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Silvia Flores, M.D.
Out-of-range: 115 mg/dL
November 24
Improving Cholesterol Levels
Your LDL levels have improved significantly since your last testing. While your LDL levels are still slightly elevated, this is a big step towards healthier long-term heart health. Keep up the great work!
Your LDL levels have improved significantly since your last testing. While your LDL levels are still slightly elevated, this is a big step towards healthier long-term heart health.
Dr. Flores, Family Medicine
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“Hi Jean, this is great news! Let’s have a conversation about how we can continue to improve your levels.”
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Doctors know that out-of-range lab results aren’t always a cause for concern, but 44% of patients with an out-of-range lab result call their physician. By providing context, Elaborate helps reduce unnecessary back-and-forth, while empowering patients to take charge of their health.

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No more saved replies summarizing WNL! No new platform login is needed—continue to review labs in your EMR. We’re reducing admin work for doctors by an average of 3 hours per week so they can do more of what they love: caring for patients.

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77% of patients think self-scheduling is important. Elaborate automates the process of arranging a televisit or in-person follow-up appointment, guiding patients to clinically necessary next steps.

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Josh K. Shajan, M.D., M.B.A.


The Doctors Office


Internal Medicine & Primary Care


In 3 months, reduced over 250+ phone calls to patients, saving the team over 43 hours.


Elaborate does the majority of the work in delivering and explaining lab results to patients for our providers and makes provider clinical time significantly more efficient. Lab results that do not need a visit do not get scheduled, which saves a huge amount of clinical resources. I can't imagine going back to our old ways without Elaborate in our toolset to accomplish our daily patient care tasks.


Bertie Bregman, M.D.


Westside Family Medicine


Family Medicine


Generated $46K+ of revenue through appointments booked through Elaborate.


We used to spend hours migrating reports, summarizing notes, and responding to questions on Klara. Elaborate eliminated hours of weekly admin work for my doctors by educating patients about their labs and routing them back into a visit when there's something to discuss. Plus, Elaborate always goes the extra mile for my practice so patients are never confused about what to do next!


Amy Esposito, M.D.


Reside Health


Primary Care


96% of patients say that Elaborate helped them understand their lab results better.


I've really seen an improvement in the quality of my patient visits. I've also noticed they aren't panicked and way more prepared for our conversations. Thanks Elaborate!

What our

patients say.

90% of patients say Elaborate helped them understand their lab results. Here's what some of them say about their new lab results experience.

This is so helpful, especially to someone who is nervous about all this stuff.”

Elaborate patient from Viva Eve
OCT 26, 2022

Very easy to read and with the notes is excellent!”

Elaborate patient from Nao Medical
Sep 24, 2022

It was a great breakdown of what is going on and comprehensive.”

Elaborate patient from Reside Health
Aug 30, 2022

Easy to use interface! Helpful descriptions of results.”

Elaborate Patient from Formula Wellness
JUL 29, 2022

Wish this was available sooner.”

Elaborate patient from The Doctors Office
May 8, 2022

Great way of communicating
lab results!”

Elaborate patient from Radish Health
Apr 15, 2022

Simple and efficient.”

Elaborate patient from Bethany Medical Practice
Apr 13, 2022

You exceeded my expectations. Thank you.”

Elaborate patient from Westside Family Practice
Apr 8, 2022

Easy to navigate.”

Elaborate patient from Westside Family Medicine
Mar 22, 2022

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