Let us Elaborate.

Elaborate uses advanced AI supported by a clinician-backed algorithm to convert complex health data into actionable insights for patients.

Safe AI powering medical data delivery.

Elaborate leverages gold-standard clinical references coupled with robust AI technology to offer doctors a predictable and testable clinical co-pilot.
Is testable
Clients have the ability to test the system themselves, both during and after implementation.
Is non-probabilistic
In any given scenario, our output is the same every time. No black box.
Is clinician-centered
Every component can be traced to a primary source and is designed for use by clinicians in the ambulatory setting.
Is hyper-focused
Unlike broadly-focused products, our technology focuses exclusively on the problem of health data delivery, guaranteeing exceptional quality.


Are your doctors tired of downloading yet another platform and trying to memorize another username and password? So are we! That's why we designed Elaborate to seamlessly fit into your existing EMR and workflows. Enhance doctors’ existing tools while improving the patient experience. Eliminate the heavy load of admin work without clicking any extra buttons or keystrokes.

See Elaborate’s engine in action.

Experience the capabilities of Elaborate's engine as it revolutionizes the health industry with its clinician-backed algorithm.

Multiple solutions powered by a single platform.


A consolidated text summary embedded into your EMR delivered in your existing patient portal, such as MyChart.

Digital health

For digital health companies, a white-labeled, interactive experience showcased within your own patient portal or web app.

Small group

A standalone, interactive lab result experience for practices with low utilization of their EMR’s patient portal looking to offer a differentiated digital experience.

We do the grunt work so doctors can focus on their life's work.

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