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ARC reduces inbasket pain by contextualizing health data for patients using A.I. by Elaborate.

ARC reduces inbasket pain by contextualizing health data for patients using A.I. by Elaborate.

Feb 9, 2024

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC), a leading multispecialty medical group serving the Central Texas community since 1980, announces a successful pilot via their partnership with healthcare technology platform Elaborate. ARC is using the Elaborate platform to reduce practitioners' challenges managing growing inbaskets and ensure compliance with CURES regulation.

The strategic partnership brings yet another innovative technology solution to ARC's patients and practitioners. By joining forces with Elaborate, ARC now offers all patients contextualized, action-oriented medical summaries to accompany new lab results. By proactively addressing patient concerns, the platform minimizes time-consuming exchanges between practitioners and their patients and gets patients medically-vetted answers to their questions within mere minutes. Elaborate's Epic integration allows the technology to leverage patient medical data located in the chart to personalize reports and offer tailored education.

Within weeks of onboarding, ARC practitioners saw an average 19% decrease in Patient Medical Advice Requests (PMAR), measurably alleviating stress and fatigue. With an impressive 89% no-edit rate, practitioners utilizing the platform have experienced a substantial reduction in the hours traditionally spent drafting and editing inbasket responses to patients.

"The platform has allowed our practitioners to spend up to 36% less time in the inbasket and more time doing what we do best: seeing and treating patients," said Manish M. Naik, MD, Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) of Austin Regional Clinic. "I've been especially impressed at how aligned the messages are with the physician/APCs' messages (89% alignment rate). Elaborate modifies the note to the patient based on their diagnoses and prior lab results, using the verbiage that is specific to our organization."

On the patient side, since the introduction of the Elaborate platform, ARC patients have expressed appreciation for the added education and context that now comes with their lab reports. 97% of patients said the Elaborate note helped them understand their results, and the overall quality of interactions with ARC patients has increased.

ARC decided to partner with Elaborate, in part, because of the ease with which ARC was able to onboard practitioners and integrate into existing workflows. Elaborate's technology has the added advantage of not only accommodating system-wide customizations, but also leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to dynamically adapt the product to better reflect practitioners' intentions.

Nicole Bocskocsky, CEO and Founder of Elaborate explained the reasons behind her company's partnership with ARC, saying, "Patients receiving lab results without context often resort to seeking information online, which can cause confusion and panic, that lead them to message their doctors. The time that practitioners spend crafting responses directly impacts how much time and energy they have to help patients who come in with pressing medical issues every day. With our partnership, the ARC leadership team is not only investing in a better patient experience but is also addressing a costly driver of clinician burnout and churn seen across the healthcare landscape."

As part of their partnership, ARC and Elaborate will continue to co-develop automations to improve outcomes for patients, practitioners, and clinical support staff. ARC also plans to use Elaborate's platform for automating certain next steps, including patient-routing support.

About Austin Regional Clinic

Austin Regional Clinic is a multispecialty medical group committed to providing comprehensive, coordinated healthcare services throughout Central Texas. Founded by three Austin physicians in 1980, it now provides health care to over 700,000 area residents in 34 locations in 15 Central Texas cities, including both primary and specialty care. ARC is unique to the Central Texas area because of its widespread locations, convenient services and quality assurance programs. ARC patients enjoy access to such conveniences as same-day appointments, 24/7 online and phone appointment scheduling, telemedicine services, ARC MyChart patient portal, After Hours Clinics, and nursing services through the night. Most ARC clinics also offer on-site radiology and lab services, and some clinics offer specialty programs for issues such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). For more information, visit

About Elaborate

Elaborate is solving the burnout crisis for medical professionals by offering the market-leading software service to eliminate patient messaging challenges. The platform unlocks valuable intelligence from patients' health data, empowering clinical teams and optimizing their workflows. As an Epic-approved vendor, Elaborate covers millions of patient lives and has been validated by hundreds of thousands of patient interactions. For more information, visit

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